ery few lives are as well-documented as mine. With two brothers and a sister, our home was always bustling with activity. And for as long as I can remember, my Mom’s camera and my Dad’s video camera were within arm's reach. Together, they preserved holidays, road trips, and simple summer days spent building forts in our neighborhood park. The endless stacks of albums and digitized videos (thanks, dad’s COVID hobby!) tell my family’s story in rich detail. They are filled with laughter, bear hugs, and this overwhelming sense of belonging. 

The instinct to reach for a camera must be hereditary because my Daddaddy loved nothing more than gathering us all around the slide projector to see photos from my mom’s childhood with her three sisters. And my Mommommy’s first camera—a Kodak Brownie—is displayed in my studio today! 

So, it should probably come as no surprise then that memory preservation eventually became my passion, too. Inspired by my creative parents and grandparents, art was always my favorite subject. And while school never came easily to me, I graduated in the top three of the Parsons School of Design Photography Department’s Class of 2006!

Before long, I realized that the drive to document family stories was something my parents and I shared. 

 I decided to go all-in on documenting the milestones—weddings, maternity, newborns, and families—for other families in my hometown! There’s something so special about documenting sweet family memories in the town that has always been home to mine. I now host portrait sessions in that same park I used to build forts in as a child, and I document families playing together in the same woods I explored with my siblings. I even get to criss-cross the tri-state area telling stories from behind my camera!

When I’m not photographing milestones or crafting props out of pine needles and moss for sessions, I’m probably sweating my way through an Orangetheory workout, building robots out of cardboard boxes with my twin boys, or snuggling in for one of our absolutely unmissable Friday movie nights! 

Whether you’re about to say “I do,” welcome a tiny new family member, or just commemorate another year of all-consuming joy with the people you love most, I hope to turn this fleeting moment in time into breathtaking art you can treasure forever. 


“Her attention to small details is so appreciated, and her calm and gentle manner is appealing to anyone she photographs.”

Kristin has photographed my children and foster children on numerous occasions, and she always makes them feel so comfortable. Each time she works with my children, she captures their personalities perfectly! Kristin is extremely pleasant and professional, and I treasure the portraits and memories that she has created for our family.

Lisa A.



what makes my work so different? 



From my consultations to the way I deliver galleries, I believe nothing beats face-to-face interactions.



Rather than chasing trends, I’ve refined a unique editing style inspired by my favorite artist.



I let your personalities and interests lead the way.



I believe your memories should be looked at and loved on regularly. 



Photographing the same child as a newborn and as a ten-year-old, marveling at how she’s grown, is the ultimate joy of the work I do.


your family story

How did a simple, shy “hello” become “will you marry me?” How do impossibly tiny baby toes become swift feet chasing  fireflies on summer nights? How does a quiet home for two become a noisy nest full of boisterous memories? Time races past, and with it comes a flood of moments you’ll never want to forget. Through the magic of photography, you never will.

Let’s document this chapter in your story with care, so your children can grow up surrounded by art that shows them just how much they’re loved. And by preserving this moment, you’ll be able to revisit it in breathtaking detail for decades to come.